Friday, February 27, 2009

Fab Trend: Gladiator Heels

Last Spring/Summer, I was introduced to the gladiator sandal. I must admit, I did not like them at all, but after seeing people wear them, they have grown on me. Even though I love flats, everyone that knows me knows that I would much rather be in heels than in anything else. So when I saw the gladiator sandal transform into heels, I knew I had to have a pair. I have tried on so many pairs, and although I love them all, I haven't found the perfect gladiator heels that meet my criteria: affordable, comfortable, and made of decent quality. Sometimes the heel is too chunky or too short, or the color doesn't look right, or the style isn't what I'm looking for. I want my shoes to be multi-functional: I want to be given the option to wear them with jeans or with a dress.

Last week, I entered my look book to a fashion website, and surprisingly won top 3. As my prize, I have received a $100 gift certificate to, which is an online retailer that specializes in selling shoes (but have now expanded to clothing, accessories, and handbags as well) of all styles, sizes, widths, and colors. I began my search for the perfect gladiator heel, and have found so many styles that I am in love with. I have posted some of my findings below (click on them to see where you can purchase them), but I think I have narrowed my search to the last 2 images below. The first one is by Jessica Simpson (in brown) and the second one is by Nine West (black patent). Although both styles come in various colors, I want to go for a basic color so I can wear it with everything. Which pair do you think I should go for? Comment below!

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  1. Hey vicky! I've been wanting to get gladiator heels too! Congrats on winning top 3! =) I really like the nine west ones. Although I do like the zipper on the jessica simpson ones... but I think the nine west ones look more... classic? I vote for those!


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