Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NY Fashion Week 2009: Jason Wu

Jason Wu is best known for designing Michelle Obama's white gown she wore to the Presidential Inaugural Ball. Although I thought the dress itself was beautiful, I didn't think it made enough of a statement, especially for the inaugural ball. However, now that Jason Wu's name has been on the map, I was interested in seeing what he had to offer for fall 2009. I have recently become obsessed with the color blue and it was nice to see that he incorporated various blues into his line. My favorite piece was this strapless nude gown with a tiered bottom and I hope someone wears that to the Oscars! However, some of his pieces were misses for me. In my opinion, the fit seemed a little odd to me in some of his dresses such as the periwinkle colored tiered gown with the silver detailing down the front. It looked really big on the model, especially in the bust and waist area. Also, his deep blue shift dress looked boxy and lacked shape. Furthermore, his yellow dress with the embroidery at the bottom was too long, and cut in the middle of the calf, which made the model look short and bulky. Although he had some good pieces, I feel like Jason Wu needs to improve a little bit more on the fit of his clothes. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to see what he will show for Spring 2010. To see Jason Wu's complete collection, click here!

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