Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jeweled Clutches

This Michael Kors jeweled clutch is gorgeous, but it will set you back about $800! I recently went through my mom's closet, and found so many plain clutches. She didn't want to give them all away, because clutches never go out of style, and you never know when you need them! I also found these great brooches in her closet and started pinning them on the clutches...and BAM! These plain bags have now been transformed into an updated and fashionable clutch! Depending on the brooch you choose, it can be an evening clutch or you can wear it with basic jeans and top. The best thing about it is you can change brooches and create a different look each time. Not only is it fashionable, but also it allows you to reuse your bags and brooches without burning a hole in your pocket! Just make sure you are willing to create some holes into your clutches, since you'll be pinning different brooches onto it. My mom had a red envelope clutch that was made of a fabric material, and we found it was easiest to work with. Below are some great, inexpensive clutches and brooches I found online and where you can purchase them!


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