Friday, February 20, 2009

NY Fashion Week 2009: Zac Posen

At the ripe old age of 28, Zac Posen has already made his mark in the fashion industry. I really love that he knows how to dress a woman's body according to her body type. Hey, not all of us are size 00 models! Who can forget Jennifer Garner's black gown to the 2008 Oscars, or Kate Winslet's gorgeous halter gown to the BAFTAs this year? I nearly screamed when I saw the Sex and the City movie and Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha all wore Zac Posen gowns to Carrie's wedding. Judging from his dresses, it looks like Posen loves to create mermaid silhouettes, ruffles, and knows how to use color--and his fall collection was no different! Everything was in ruffles--whether it be at the neckline, the sleeves, or his dresses and skirts. I was happy to see that he didn't do black and opted for rich reds, golds/metallics, and flowery patterns. Some of his pieces (especially the flowery-patterned ones) felt "Russian" to me and made me wish it was fall already! My favorite piece was this gold dress (see first picture below). I love how the pattern is going different ways and the bottom of the dress looks like it flows rather nicely. To see some more of Zac Posen's collection, click here.

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  1. I love Zac Posen, too! I definitely believe he is one of the great American designers out there. I do disagree with you with Marc Jacobs show being "out there". I think he is just designing for a different, more daring and a more fashion forward audience. It's more for the Olsen twins of the world vs the Jessica Simpsons. Love your blog - keep posting!

  2. Ok,it wasn't necessarily "out there"...wrong choice of words! And I'll definitely change it in the other blog. But Betsey's was out there for sure! I do love Marc Jacobs, and I loved his neon and his pieces were great, but there were some things that I just wouldn't wear..those shoulder pads in his jackets were insane! I think that's why I said it was "out there," because I think shoulder pads should never come back! But thanks for your comment! :)


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