Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NY Fashion Week 2009: Michael Kors

When I think of Michael Kors, I think of him as dressing the "All-American" woman in colors such as black, camel, navy, and red; so it came as a surprise when I saw fall his collection and it was--NEON. He did have his signature beautiful crafted jackets/blazers and dresses in black, white, and camel; however, some of his pieces included neon colors such as yellow, hot pink, and wild orange. I give him credit for taking a chance, and I do admit that I like the neon tops paired with the black pants and the hot pink strapless dress, but the rest of it was just too much. The 80s was fun, but there is just some stuff that needs to stay in the 80s and never come back! I love color, don't get me wrong--I would rock a neon clutch or even stilettos, but I would never wear a neon yellow top with a furry yellow hat or a hot pink fur coat. I do kinda like the neon green/yellow coat, but I wouldn't personally wear it. Maybe I'm just being old-fashioned? To view Michael Kors' complete collection, click here!

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? or Undecided? Comment below!


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